TRIXIE – was our first golden girl we welcomed into our home and was beginning of Serasigold.  Through Trixie I met my wonderful friend and mentor Wendy Johnson.  Wendy’s Grand Champion Bicklewood Good Will Hunting was the sire of Trixies 3 litters.  

Summer at broken Hill

SUMMER- Camuka A Summers Night.  We are delighted to have a second girl from Camuka Kennels.  Summer gained her Australian Championship title at just 16 months of age.  We have had lots of fun together travelling all over the country.  Summer loves coming out on the SUP with us.

Current eye examination certificate

Cardiac Examination Certificate

Hip/elbow scores –  hips right 2 Left 4 Elbows 0 0

Congenital Eye Malformation (Golden Retriever) NEGATIVE / CLEAR [NO VARIANT DETECTED]
Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (Golden Retriever
Generalised PRA 1 (Golden retriever Type) NEGATIVE / CLEAR [NO VARIANT DETECTED]
Generalised PRA 2 (Golden Retriever Type) NEGATIVE / CLEAR [NO VARIANT DETECTED]
Ichthyosis A (Golden Retriever) NEGATIVE / CLEAR [NO VARIANT DETECTED]

International judges critiques from 2022 Golden Retriever Specialty Show.

Judges: Mr Kalvo Kriisk (EST) Breed Classes & General Specials Mr Roger Bridgford (Vic) Property Classes 70 CH CAMUKA A SUMMERS NIGHT (3100427306) D Ryan 5 March 2021 Bred by: Mr M & Mrs P Hodges Sire: Ch Dobro Nightwatch Dam: Camuka Hot Chilli Peppa Feminine type and size. Lovely head. Very kind expression. Excellent pigmentation. Well set ears. Enough length of neck. Strong topline. Well set tail. Good body and bones. Balanced angulation front and rear. Excellent ribcage. Beautiful coat and colour. Excellent temperament.

Mrs Rikke Borring (DEN)
70 CH CAMUKA A SUMMERS NIGHT (3100427306) D Ryan 5 March 2021 Bred by: Mr M & Mrs P Hodges Sire: Ch Dobro Nightwatch Dam: Ch Camuka Hot Chilli Peppa Compact girl of excellent quality. Feminine head with super pigment. Good reach of neck. Correct shoulder. Correct front and super forechest. Compact body with a level topline. Well-angulated in front and rear. Moved with balance. Excellent coat condition. Well presented.

Aust Champion Camuka A Summers Night Pedigree  Bred by Jane Hodges

                                               Ch Giltedge Blackwatch

Ch Dobro Night Watch

                                             Ch Dobro Spanish Harlem


                                             Ch Fantango Playing For Keeps (Ai)

Ch Camuka Hot Chilli Peppa

                                            Camuka Razzle Dazzle

Lexi -Serasigold Alexa from The Strand – is a girl puppy we kept from Summer/Marco litter in January 2023.

Lexi is a delightful happy confident puppy and at 7 months of age is half way to getting her Aust Champion title.

Kerryn O’Brien critique of Lexi, Judge at Palmerston Gun Dog Club show 2023- Where Lexi won  Best Minor in Show-

6-month-old female, scissor bite. Female puppy of very good breed type. Lovely attiude & friendly. Correct feminine head, excellent expression. Excellent pigment throughout. Very good overline, correct body proportions, good top & bottom line. Very good croup & tail set. Correct angulation front & rear. Very good bone & feet, a little upright in pastern (could be developmental). Typical movement for age. Correct coat & very good condition

Golden Retriever Nationals 2023 held in Victoria- Judged by Dr Antonio Lopez Noyuera from Spain.  Lexi was placed 2nd in her class of Minor puppies.  Here is the critique she received-

Puppy bitch with correct proportions, lovely head expression, excellent neck, strong upper arm, I
would like more angulated shoulders, correct topline, strong loin, correct rear angulation. Good

Above photo is at the 2023 Amstaff Champ Show where specialist judge Sherry Jewell awarded Lexi Best Puppy in Group.